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Alltek Acrytek

One-component dispersion based white sealant


Alltek Acrytek is a white, water-based single component acrylic sealant.
It is used both inside and outside.


  • Alltek Acrytek is an acrylic compound used to treat seals between masonry units with moderate traction restriction.
  • It is also used as a sealant for window sills, door frames, roller blind boxes or for simple treatment of cracks.
  • Alltek Acrytek can also be used to glue expanded polystyrene onto absorbent supports.
Typical spreadability 310 mL enables performing 19 metres of a 4 X 4 mm seal
  • 310 mL cartridge
  • 25 cartridge boxes



Typical Spreadability

310 mL enables performing 19 metres of a 4 X 4 mm seal


1.6 +/- 0,1 kg/l

Application conditions

  • +8°C to +35°C
  • Max. relative humidity 70%

Cleaning tools

With water immediately after use


  • Drying depends significantly on the depth of application, type of support as well as temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Under normal conditions (23°C/50% R.H.): Skin formation: +/- 10 mn // Polymerisation: 14 days for a 10*10 mm seal (width*depth) // Painting: at least 1 week


  • Exceptional adhesiveness.
  • Excellent performance against ageing and UV.
  • Compatible with a broad range of paint products.
  • No solvent, silicone, isocyanate.
  • Formation of spectrum under painting markedly reduced.
  • Faint smell
  • Compliant with regulation EN 15651-1 putty type F, for both outside and inside
  • Alltek Acrytek is certified as SNJF Facade (no. 4215), class “Plastic Putty 12.5P”
  • Tension module: approximately 0.1 N/mm²
  • Vapour diffusion resistance: μ= approximately 3500; sd=35m (for a sealant thickness of 10 mm)
  • Loss of mass: maximum 15%
  • Shore A hardness: 10 +/- 5 units
  • Tolerance of maximum movement (according to ISO 11600): 12.5%


  • 310 mL cartridge
  • 25 cartridge boxes
  • Shelf life is 18 months in unopened original packaging protected from frost and extreme heat.


  • VOC content: < 2 g/l.



  • Bare concrete and masonry, bricks, terracotta floor tiles, plaster, plaster blocks, plasterboard panels and derivatives, rigid plastic materials, wood and anodised aluminium.

Preparation of substrate:

  • The substrates, preparatory work and application conditions must be compliant with applicable building trade regulations (e.g. DTU) and standards.

Application tips:

  • Remove the old compounds or paints on the seal if required and make sure the support is dry, free of dust and grease (if necessary, clean with isopropanol).
  • Seals performed on porous supports (concrete, untreated wood, plasterboard) will be pretreated by applying diluted Alltek Acrytek in advance (1 to 4 parts water for 1 compound part).
  • Ensure that the seal dimensions are at least 5*5 mm (length* depth) inside and at least 10*8 mm outside. The width of the seal must not exceed 30 mm, its depth must be approximately equal to half its width.
  • Protect with masking tape any edges of the seal not aimed to have the compound applied.
  • Apply the product using a pistol adapted so as to fill the seal (or the crack) then smooth out the seal with the assistance of a spatula wet in soap and water. Therefore, the joint will appear smooth and the compound will adhere better onto its support.
  • Immediately remove the masking tape.
  • Protect the seal from bad weather and condensation and water spray up until skin formation.


  • Ensure adequate ventilation to remove excess moisture and accelerate drying.


The safety information sheet is available from: www.icp-alltek.com/en-gb/documentation/