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Spray Application

Alletk Spray ApplicationInterior building surfaces of walls and ceilings would be built "FAIRFACED". Joints between cement blocks and/or panels should be "flushed out" by the builder as work proceeds and all excess and droppings scraped off to leave a reasonable smooth and level surface without protrusions and with no indents in excess of 6 mm.

Electrical conduits should be set well back and the surface made good and scraped flush prior to ALLTEK application. Boxes for switches etc should be set flush with the surface in dense concrete and plaster-board walls and protruding a maximum of 2 mm when set in walls of cement blocks and similar.

Nibs, fins and other protrusions should be removed by grinding and/or chipping. Larger damages or "chippings" can be made good with a mixture of 3 parts ALLTEK mixed with 1 part O.P.C. (ordinary portland cement) and some water to consistency.

The most efficient method of application if by use of the ICP spray-unit which is powered by an electric (380 volt) or pneumatic motor (air).

The ALLTEK bag is placed on the wringer/mangle of the machine and by turning the handle the bag is easily emptied into the hopper. Air and electricity is connected and the control set at desired speed and air-pressure. Spraying can now start and should be done in an even layer to the entire ceiling/wall area of one standard size room.

Leveling should commence directly after the spraying and is done using the special steel-edged spatula tools provided by ICP. The ceiling is leveled from the floor using a spatula fixed to an extension handle. - Excess material is removed and returned to the spray-unit for re-use.

External corners are fitted with a thin-coat corner bead to give good appearance and protection. The bead is simply pressed into the ALLTEK material and will thus be bonded to the corner.

After drying, normally the following day, a second coat is applied, the ceilings can be sprayed as a "TEXTURE" which will require some care and skill but which will give a pleasing white finish which is also acting as acoustics barrier. - Walls are normally leveled smooth unless a texture is wanted also here.

Painting can generally be done within 24-48 hours of the last coat of ALLTEK. - The surface should, however, be checked to ensure that same has dried out to a relative humidity not exceeding 20% before being overpainted.


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